Level Zero is an asymmetric fantasy PvP-horror in which a team of scientists must fix the electrical system in order to escape from the place where they are threatened with death. Light is the main weapon and means of protection against alien monsters hunting scientists.

The game is developed by the studio DogHowl Games, created by Ukrainian specialists in February 2022 in Cyprus. Employees of the new studio previously worked at such companies as Gameloft (Kharkiv), Room 8 Studio (Kyiv), Twin Win Games (Kyiv), AB Games (Kyiv), Wargaming (Kyiv) and others. Currently, part of the team remains in Ukraine, and part is scattered across European countries.

The events of Level Zero take place in 2058 on the planet Turion, where a group of researchers from the New Horizons Corporation works. In order to survive, the scientists must work together, repair various devices with limited resources (this reminds me of something), and defend themselves from the monsters lurking in the dark.

There are four scientists, two monsters. Playing as monsters, players hunt down scientists using telepathy, traps, and electrical manipulation.

The atmosphere of the game reminds me of the Alien series and for some reason Among Us.

Level Zero uses Unreal Engine 4 and looks pretty good, judging by the video and screenshots. The publisher is tinyBuild, and the project is scheduled for release in 2023 both on PC and on Microsoft and Sony consoles.

The game already has a Steam page, so let’s add it to the wish list. The developer plans support for Ukrainian at the level of subtitles.