PlayStation CEO believes that Bungie should be better at reporting costs and deadlines

In 2022, as a response to the deal between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard, Sony acquired Bungie, the developers of Destiny 2. At that time, the studio maintained complete independence, but it seems that this may change.

During the Q&A session on Sony’s Q3 financial results, a question was raised about Bungie and its future in 2024. In response, PlayStation CEO Hiroki Totoki said that there is room for improvement.

“I visited the Bungie studios and had meetings with [the] management, and I saw that employees working at the studios were highly motivated, showing great creativity as well as an impressive knowledge of live services. However, I also felt that there was room for improvement from a business perspective with regard to areas such as the use of business expenses and assuming accountability for development timelines. I hope to continue the dialogue and come up with some good solutions,” Totoki replied.

In light of recent developments at the studio, such as the laying off 100 employees and the postponement of The Final Shape expansion pack from February to June, such comments from the PlayStation CEO are somewhat alarming.

The studio’s revenues for the year were 45% less than management expected. Destiny 2 also has problems retaining players for a long period of time.

It will not be surprising if such things do not suit the head of PlayStation. So it is possible that the studio will face changes in the future, but whether they will be positive remains a mystery.