Will Smith parodied a spaghetti eating video that was created in the spring of 2023 by artificial intelligence. The video generated by AI went viral. But now Will Smith seems to have managed to outdo it, writes Ars Technica.

After the recent announcement of OpenAI’s Sora model, many people noted a sharp jump in the quality of AI video compared to the spaghetti video that first appeared on Reddit. Its quality is much lower than the videos that users can create now.

Now Will Smith is obviously making fun of this. In a humorous video on his Instagram, he actually eats spaghetti in a comical manner. But he claims that all of this is a trick of artificial intelligence. The actor signed the video succinctly: “This is getting out of hand!”

Although modern technology is certainly developing rapidly, it is still a long way from the real Will Smith. In the video, the actor sips, sways funny and even tries to eat his friend’s hair.

The video doesn’t show what happened next, but we hope that Comrade Will Smith’s hairstyle remained intact.