Samsung has announced a series of updates to its Galaxy Buds headphones to improve their functionality with other Samsung devices, including TVs, and add support for real-time translation when connected to Galaxy S24 smartphones.

The Galaxy Buds series update will add several key features:

Real-time translation: When connected to Galaxy S24 series models, Galaxy Buds will offer an improved real-time translation feature. This should allow you to communicate more naturally with people who speak different languages by providing translation directly into the headphones, while the other party will hear the translation through the smartphone speaker.

Auracast Broadcasting: This feature, first introduced in Galaxy Buds2 Pro for Samsung Smart TVs, will be expanded to include compatibility with phones and tablets. It allows you to stream audio to multiple Galaxy Buds simultaneously, creating a shared listening environment.

360 Audio: The 360 Audio feature, which was previously available for phones and tablets, is now available for Samsung TVs. This feature provides surround sound, adjusting the sound according to the listener’s head movements to provide a deeper immersion in the listening experience.

Automatic switching: This feature, which automatically switches the audio output from Samsung TVs to Galaxy smartphones during calls and vice versa, has been expanded to include PC compatibility. So far, the company has announced support for its own Galaxy Book series laptops, but support will most likely be extended to models from other manufacturers.

A software update for the Galaxy Buds series, including Galaxy Buds2 Pro, Buds2, and Buds FE, will be released in late February.