The Cupra Born VZ electric car is a “charged” and sportier version of the existing Cupra Born model: the body and layout are unchanged, but there are many important details and features. For example, new 20-inch wheels with widened tires, a modified front bumper, and even two new body colors, including the dark green Dark Forest.

It’s a shame that non-humans spoil someone else’s alphabet and form painful associations. But in this case, the letters VZ in the name stand for Veloz: translated from Spanish, it means “speed.” This is fully consistent with the character of the new electric vehicle.

The Cupra Born VZ hatchback is equipped with a 240 kW (326 hp) electric motor with 545 Nm of torque – 95 hp and 235 Nm more than the most powerful version of the Cupra Born to date. This electric motor, which drives the rear wheels, has improved the dynamics – now the acceleration from 0-100 km/h is 5.7 seconds. The top speed has also been increased to 200 km/h, or 40 km/h more than the most powerful version of the Cupra Born to date.

In addition, the DCC Sport adaptive suspension is used, and the steering mechanism has been reconfigured. The battery capacity has even been slightly increased: the new 79 kWh battery promises up to 570 km of range. Finally, the interior has also changed slightly.

In keeping with the character of the new Cupra Born VZ, the interior features sports seats with advanced lateral support. In addition, there is a new larger 12.9-inch display, and a high-end 10-speaker sound system is available as an option.

In fact, the scope of changes is such that we can talk not only about the emergence of a new “hot” version of the Cupra Born VZ, but also about the upcoming update of the Cupra Born in general: new body colors and wheels, a new bumper, a larger battery, and a larger display in the cabin. So, we are waiting for the next news from Cupra.