An unknown trader made $176 thousand in profit using the SORA token, which was created shortly after the presentation of the artificial intelligence model of the same name by OpenAI. However, the token has nothing to do with the new AI model, writes CoinMarketCap.

According to analysts at Lookonchain, the unnamed trader spent 0.049 ETH ($137) to purchase 16 million SORA tokens. He later sold 12.36 million tokens for 36.57 ETH ($102,492 thousand). In addition, the trader still has 3.64 million tokens worth $74 thousand.

Токен SORA

Lookonchain experts point out that in this situation, the trader made a profit that was 1280 times higher than the initial investment. Soon after, the token’s value dropped by almost 20%.

Recently, OpenAI introduced an AI model Sora that can create realistic videos from text prompts. Sora is capable of generating videos up to a minute long, while maintaining visual quality and compliance with user prompts.

Sora can create complex scenes with multiple characters, specific types of movement, and precise object and background details. It also has a deep understanding of language, which allows it to accurately interpret cues and create convincing characters.