On the eve of the 96th Academy Awards voting, Netflix has uploaded the full animated film Nimona to YouTube. Hurry up and watch it, it will be taken down in a week, and it is truly one of the best films of 2023.

As a reminder, Nimona tells the story of a werewolf girl and a knight who is considered a villain in a futuristic world. This very touching story about friendship, betrayal, and acceptance of others who are different from you is based on the comic book of the same name by ND Stevenson. By the way, the original comic book is about to be released in Ukrainian translation.

At the 96th Academy Awards, Nimona is up for Best Animated Feature, competing against such films as The Boy and the Heron, Elemental, Robot Dreams, and Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. Two editors of Mezha named Nimona the best animated film of 2023.

Please note that on Youtube, Nimona has only English voice acting and subtitles, while on Netflix, there are also Ukrainian voices and text.