The heads of Xbox and Microsoft’s gaming departments spoke about the company’s future in the gaming industry. First of all, four games will appear on competitors’ consoles. They did not name them, but it is almost official: Hi-Fi Rush, Grounded, Sea of Thieves, and Pentiment.

Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer said that Starfield and Indiana Jones are definitely not among these four games, so we shouldn’t expect them on PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch in the near future.

Phil also explained that the games that will appear on competitors’ platforms are games that are built around communities, as well as smaller projects that were never planned as exclusives.

“The interesting story is that we’re introducing Xbox franchises to players on other platforms to get them interested in Xbox. We think it will be a good value for our brand. But so far, we have 4 games and no promises about others,” said Phil.

Another piece of news was that the executives talked about the number of Game Pass subscribers, which is now 34 million. The games developed by the company’s studios will also continue to be available by subscription.

Besides, during the podcast, it was said that Diablo IV will be the first Activison Blizzard game to appear in Game Pass. Others are promised to be added later. Diablo will be available for play on Game Pass on March 28.

Xbox President Sarah Bond also said that in terms of hardware, “exciting things are in store.” The next generation of consoles promises “the biggest technical leap you’ve ever seen.”