Monmouth University conducted a survey and found that almost one in five Americans believes that Taylor Swift is running with Joe Biden in the 2024 US elections.

Almost half of respondents have heard of this conspiracy theory. 18% believe Taylor is helping Joe Biden win the election. 80% of those who believe support Donald Trump.

The survey also shows that half of those who believe in the theory heard about it for the first time and immediately agreed that it was true. Before the Monmouth University survey, they had not heard of Taylor’s involvement in the election.

Almost half of the respondents also have a positive attitude towards Taylor Swift encouraging her fans to go to the polls. Among Republicans, 42% support this idea, among Democrats – 88%, and 71% are neutral.

The poll also shows that 39% of Americans have a positive attitude toward the singer, 13% dislike her, 43% have no opinion on Taylor, and 5% said they had never heard of her.