Apple plans to launch an AI-based tool for coding in Xcode, reports Reuters.

The AI tool is expected to work similarly to Microsoft’s GitHub Copilot. It will be able to complete lines and blocks of code based on the first parts of the code entered by the developer.

Apple may include this feature in its Xcode coding software as early as this year.

Besides, Apple is planning other AI-based features in its products. For example, the company may add the ability to automatically create Apple Music playlists and slideshows in Keynote.

By the way, recently Apple introduced the MGIE artificial intelligence model for image processing. To do this, users need to describe the desired changes in simple language.

MGIE lets you crop, resize, flip, and add filters to images with text prompts. You can also use the model to add specific objects to an image, reshape them, or make them brighter.