The beta version of Ubisoft’s new PC application, Ubisoft Connect PC Beta, was announced and launched in the summer of 2023. Now Ubisoft has notified users that this version is the only one available to players and there will be no more opportunities to switch to the old Ubisoft Connect.

The changes will be rolled out in select countries and will gradually spread globally to ensure a smooth transition. At the same time, Ubisoft Connect PC will retain the “Beta” tag in its name for the time being as Ubisoft continues to develop and improve the application, introduce new features and fix bugs.

The beta now has the same functionality as the previous version of Ubisoft Connect for PC. In addition, the beta has an updated interface, a redesigned game library, and general usability and performance improvements.

It should be noted that the Ukrainian interface language was introduced in the Ubisoft Connect beta back in 2023. We remind you that it should be enabled. By the way, the Ubisoft Game Launcher/Uplay application, which was renamed Ubisoft Connect in 2020, was previously developed at the Kyiv office of Ubisoft.