A report from the Tech Transparency Project shows that members of terrorist organizations have bought paid tickers on X (Twitter), writes The Verge.

The report reports on 28 users who were able to buy a premium subscription that guarantees a blue tick, despite the fact that they are officially prohibited from doing so. Among them are leaders of the Hezbollah terrorist organization.

According to TTP, most of these accounts bought the tick after Elon Musk became the owner of X. However, 10 users continued to pay to keep the original tick they had received earlier.

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, who has more than 93,000 followers, bought a tick using a government-issued ID card. Members of other terrorist organizations also had paid subscriptions, and their feeds showed ads for which paid subscribers could receive monetary rewards.

Terrorists bought check marks in X

Most of these accounts are now unchecked, but the Iranian media outlet Press TV and the Russian sanctioned Tinkoff Bank still have a golden checkmark that costs $1000 per month.

The company commented on the situation, writing that several accounts were not directly included in the sanctions lists, while others may have visible checkmarks without receiving any sanctioned services.