Recently, a game called Kiwi appeared on the App Store, with a description that said users had to find 10 differences between pictures. In fact, it was an app for pirating movies, which overtook even Netflix and other streaming services in the top entertainment apps.

According to Wired, the Kiwi app had a large assortment of pirated content and did not require any subscriptions or registration. Users could simply launch the app and choose the movie or TV series they wanted to watch. Instead, users constantly saw online casino ads.

The app had a lot of new movies, including many new releases, such as the recent Martin Scorsese film Killers Of The Flower Moon. Although the movie was in very poor quality, other films could be watched with good picture and sound.

However, Kiwi did not stay on top for long, as Apple has already removed it from the App Store, where the app had a 4 rating and more than 100 reviews, in which users did not hesitate to mention that it was a service for pirating movies and TV shows.