DuckDuckGo, a search engine known for its emphasis on privacy, has released a new feature in its browser called Sync and Backup. It allows you to synchronize passwords, bookmarks, and favorites across all your devices, The Verge reports.

No account or login is required. The company claims that it never sees what you synchronize. The process itself takes place using a QR code. A backup code is also created in case of device loss, which is stored locally.

Users will be able to synchronize bookmarks, passwords, favorites, i.e. page shortcuts for new tabs, and email security settings between devices and browsers.


DuckDuckGo refers to Google’s privacy policy regarding the use of the Chrome sync service, which uses aggregated and anonymized synchronized browser data to improve other Google products and services.

DuckDuckGo claims that the encryption key for synchronization is only stored locally on your devices and that it does not have access to your passwords or other data.

This innovation can greatly simplify the decision to switch for people who have been looking at a browser for a long time.