The popular SKODA Octavia of the A8 generation has received a scheduled update in the middle of its life cycle. In short, everything can be described by the rather popular phrase “the changes are not radical, but they are noticeable.” So…

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New design – with new headlights

Something similar has already happened with the previous generation of SKODA Octavia A7: having a rather restrained and classic design from the beginning, suddenly during the intermediate update the car changes its “face” due to the appearance of radical split headlights. But here, the designers refrained from dangerous experiments: the updated version of the SKODA Octavia also significantly changed the optics, but the headlights still look coherent and generally support the new front end design.

In addition to the headlights themselves, the front bumper has also been redesigned and a new grille has been installed. Traditionally for such updates, there are also minor changes to the rear bumper, new wheels (up to 19 inches) and decor options.

Without changing the overall body, the designers have slightly updated the appearance of the SKODA Octavia in the details: new bumpers, a new grille and wheel rims. Also, new headlights with noticeable sloping stripes that seem to “hug” the grille. By the way, the second generation LED MATRIX headlights are now available as an option. At the same time, all variants of the SKODA Octavia – liftback and station wagon, various versions and modifications – were updated.

In the cabin: more displays, bigger displays

It’s also a classic intermediate update: new trim options have been added to the interior, recycled materials are widely used, and so on. But take a look at the image and you’ll see a generally familiar interior of the SKODA Octavia A8. So what has changed? The displays have changed.

From now on, two 10-inch displays are offered as standard for the SKODA Octavia: one serves as the instrument cluster and the other is responsible for controlling the multimedia system, vehicle settings and climate. An enlarged 13-inch center touchscreen display is available as an option.

In general, the interior of the SKODA Octavia is familiar, with the biggest update affecting the displays: a pair of 10-inch displays as standard equipment, and even a 13-inch display as an option.

Increased capacity for RS version, new systems and technologies

If you take a quick look at the lineup of powertrains and transmissions of the updated SKODA Octavia, the choice seems very wide: gasoline or diesel, manual or DSG automatic, front-wheel or all-wheel drive. However, if you study the issue in more detail, then…

The basis of the engine range is made up of 1.5TSI engines with an output of 115-150 hp, offered in conventional or mHEV-hybrid versions, as well as with a manual or automatic transmission. The next group is the 2.0TSI gasoline engines: always DSG-automatic, there is a version with all-wheel drive, and the RS sports modification has increased power and is now ready to offer 265 hp – 20 hp more than the previous one.

Finally, we can also note a pair of 2.0 TDI diesel engines with 115-150 hp and non-alternative front-wheel drive, but with the option of a manual or automatic transmission. PHEV hybrids and a version of the SCOUT combining diesel and all-wheel drive will probably appear later. But for now, this is all we have.

There are a lot of engine options, but only the RS version has actually increased in power – now 265 hp, which is a record for this line.

However, when talking about technology, it is worth noting not only engines and transmissions, but also the emergence of new parking assistance systems. For example, the promised app-based remote parking system is simple, but it can help in parking lots that are too tight.

And lastly, when can we expect the updated SKODA Octavia in Ukraine? According to my information, in the second quarter of this year.

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