Slack has received an update with new AI-based features that will help users find information faster.

Finding the information you need will become much easier with AI. Instead of searching for a key phrase, you can write a query in your own words and get an answer based on the collected data.

With the help of artificial intelligence, users will be able to quickly summarize all new messages in the channels. AI will also be able to distinguish between conversations on different topics and summarize each of them separately.

A similar feature will be available for summarizing threads. According to the company, this should help you find the information you need in a thread faster by ignoring unnecessary messages.

The company assures that the use of its artificial intelligence is completely safe. Artificial intelligence runs on a trusted infrastructure and will not use data to train language models.

In addition, the information displayed by the AI will be taken only from the channels to which the user has access.

The new features are already available for users with the Enterprise plan, but for now, artificial intelligence will only work with information in English.