The creators of Wunderlist have released a new productivity app, Superlist. The app is already available for use on Android, iOS, MacOS, and the web version, writes The Verge.

Wunderlist was acquired by Microsoft in 2015 to turn the app into Microsoft To-Do. This rebranding meant that Wunderlist was shut down, but the team that worked on the original app decided to give it another try by creating Superlist.

Superlist - a new to-do list app from the creators of Wunderlist

The new app differs from Notion and other similar productivity services in that it is not overcrowded with a lot of features. The main purpose of the app is to keep to-do lists, shopping lists, and anything else.

Users will be able to create lists and fill them with all the necessary notes, tasks, and files needed to complete a project or plan, as well as share these lists with others.

Of course, artificial intelligence is also involved, as it can help you create a task list from an email or other file.

For individual use, the app is “always free,” but if you need more AI features, integrations, and the ability to upload more files, there is a Pro subscription for $8 per month.