Lion’s Shade, a Lviv-based studio (actually, it is only three people), has released a new trailer for the fantastic shooter AI Olympius, which we have already described in “Made in Ukraine: Ukrainian Games 2023. Patch 1.3”.

To recap, AI Olympius is a single-player/cooperative (split-screen) third-person shooter in the universe of the urban strategy game Cliff Empire (2019) by Lion’s Shade. Players have to challenge artificial intelligence and its combat robots and gradually climb to the top of Olympus.

The project was conceived 12 years ago, and now the author has finally started its implementation. AI Olympius was released in Steam Early Access on July 20, 2023. The current version of the game, which received a major update in early January 2024, is 0.8.32. Actually, Olympius AI updates are released several times a month. The final version of the game will feature 20-25 missions, split screen, PvP, Survival, Arena mode, and the ability to build your own home/base.

Until February 19, 2024, AI Olympius can be purchased with a 20% discount for only UAH 228. As of now, the game has positive reviews and a Steam rating of 86/100 (based on 29 reviews).