Collins Aerospace has tested a new generation spacesuit for use on the International Space Station. This is stated in a NASA report.

As part of the tests, specialists checked the suit’s suitability and functionality. The tests were carried out during a parabolic flight of an airplane, on board of which zero gravity conditions were created.

This allows engineers and scientists to test equipment and conduct scientific experiments in space-like conditions without going into outer space.

The current tests are an important step towards the development of a spacesuit for NASA that can be used to continue operations and scientific discoveries in low Earth orbit.

As you know, in 2022, NASA chose Collins Aerospace to develop a new generation spacesuit to replace the equipment that astronauts have been using for decades. The cost of the project is estimated at $97.2 million.

The development is intended to improve NASA’s spacewalking capabilities to support the maintenance and operation of the station.

Collins Aerospace intends to continue testing. For example, the company plans to test the spacesuit in a vacuum chamber to see how the equipment works in a space-like atmosphere.