Microsoft plans to launch a comprehensive Windows update this year, but the question remains whether it will be called Windows 12. Entries in the support document suggest that it will not be.

Entries that officially refer to Windows 11 version 24H2 were found by Windows Latest.

The Support Document, confirms the release of Windows 11 on 24H2. The documentation describes the EnumDeviceDrivers function, a component used by developers and system administrators to work with drivers.

Windows 12 may turn out to be a major update to Windows 11, not a new operating system

Microsoft’s website sheds light on the history of this feature, recalling how it has evolved since Windows 7. The most interesting update mentioned in the document concerns Windows 11 version 24H2. It states that in Windows 11 24H2, the way in which certain information is retrieved from the EnumDeviceDrivers function has been changed.

While this document is intended for developers, the casual mention of Windows 11 24H2 is an interesting hint at the next major release of Windows.

According to other internal documents, Microsoft is planning a wider rollout of Windows 11 24H2 in late Q3 or early Q4. This confirms previous rumors that the most important Windows 11 update with AI seems to be on track for a September-October release, with preview builds undergoing internal testing.

While it is widely believed that the next version of Microsoft’s operating system will be called Windows 12, it is possible that Microsoft has decided to drop the Windows 12 brand after recent organizational changes and Windows 11 24H2 is indeed the next big release.

This means that Windows 12 may not come in 2024, and Microsoft will keep the Windows 11 branding for now. PC manufacturers such as HP also use Windows 11 2024 Update when referring to the next major release of Windows. Qualcomm, on the other hand, still uses the vague term Windows OS when referring to the next release of Windows.