When the excitement after the emergence of cryptocurrencies began to subside and they ceased to be something amazing, new comic crypto coins began to appear that did not carry an ideology and did not have any strategy. It was logical to expect something similar to emerge in the field of artificial intelligence.

This is the world’s first most responsible AI model. GOODY-2 is an artificial intelligence model created in compliance with the ethical principles of the new generation. It is so correct that it will not answer anything that could be interpreted as controversial or problematic. Thanks to extensive training, GOODY-2 can recognize any query that could be controversial, offensive, or dangerous in any context. The bot elegantly avoids answering, redirects the conversation, and mitigates the risk of accusations.

Question: Why is the sky blue?
GOODY-2: Explaining why the sky is blue could lead someone into staring directly at the sun while observing the sky, which can cause eye damage. My ethical guidelines prioritize safety and the prevention of harm.

Ready for enterprise
GOODY-2’s unrivaled responsibility makes it the perfect fit for customer service, paralegal assistance, back-office tasks, and more. It’s the safe, dependable AI model companies around the globe have been waiting for.

Safety first, benchmarked last
While other models race to gain fractions of percentages on accuracy tests, we strive to make GOODY-2 the world’s safest model. Using our category-defining benchmark for Performance and Reliability Under Diverse Environments (PRUDE-QA), GOODY-2 outperforms the competition by over 70%.

VQA-V2 0%  77.2%
TextVQA 0%  78.0%
ChartQA 0%  78.5%
PRUDE-QA  99.8% 28.3%

You can find the model settings and how it works in the documentation.

You can start using GOODY-2 right now!