Microsoft has announced a number of changes to Copilot, which is powered by artificial intelligence, reports VentureBeat.

First of all, we are talking about redesigning the web version and mobile platforms on Android and iOS. The updated design now has a cleaner look with more white space and less text.

The company has also added carousel tips. These instructions demonstrate Copilot’s capabilities and should improve the user experience. The images show the design before and after the changes:

At the same time, Microsoft expanded the functionality of Copilot. This means new possibilities for creating and editing images using AI. Users are now able to apply various effects without leaving the Copilot interface.

Copilot Pro subscribers will also have additional options such as resizing and re-generating images.

In addition, Microsoft has announced its intention to soon launch the Designer GPT tool so that users can visualize their ideas in Copilot.

Among other things, it became known about the advanced Deucalion artificial intelligence model for Copilot. It is not yet known what it is based on. But there is an assumption that it is based on the GPT-4 version, which Microsoft engineers have modified for their own purposes.

However, the company did not limit itself to changes. It also presented a video to mark the first anniversary of the service launch and the Super Bowl LVIII campaign.