The arcade game about the operator of Ukrainian combat drones Death From Above has a new trailer and release date. The game will be released from Early Access on the eve of the second anniversary of the full-scale invasion – February 22, 2024.

We remind you that Death From Above is being developed by the Finnish studio Rockodile in cooperation with the German publishing house Lesser Evil and Ukrainian military software producers such as Aerorozvidka and GIS Arta. In terms of gameplay, Death From Above is an arcade game with elements of satire.

Lesser Evil and Rockodile are donating 30% of the game’s profits to the Ukrainian charities Come Back Alive and Army of Drones. As soon as the companies compensate for the costs of developing and releasing the game, the share of donations will increase to 70%. While the game was in the Early Access, the developers have already transferred more than 10 thousand euros to Ukrainian charities.

Among other things, Death From Above has been translated into languages rare enough for Steam, such as Georgian and Belarusian, which represent foreign volunteer units fighting for Ukraine. It is also the first game in the world to have a Crimean Tatar localization created by native speakers.

Death From Above version 1.0 will be released on February 22, 2024. The final version contains new missions, a completed storyline, a new game mode, new achievements, new localizations, and much more.

The price of the basic version of Death From Above is 225 UAH. Death From Above Supporter Bundle with additional skins St. Javelin, NAFO Fella, Aerorozvidka and the game’s soundtrack costs 460 UAH with a current 10% discount.

As of now, Death From Above has very positive reviews and a Steam rating of 96/100 based on 260 reviews.