Microsoft has announced a new wave of additions to the Xbox Game Pass catalog: the following games will be added in early February.


Available now:

Anuchard (Cloud, Console, PC)
An action/RPG with graphics reminiscent of classic jRPGs from the first Final Fantasy installments.



Train Sim World 4 (Cloud, Console, PC) – February 7
The latest installment of the train simulator released last fall.

Madden NFL 24 (Console, PC) – February 8
The current part of the American football simulator named after coach and commentator John Madden.

Resident Evil 3 (Cloud, Console, PC) – February 13
A month after the remake of the second installment of the popular horror game was added to the Game Pass catalog, the time has come for the next game in the series.

A Little To The Left (Cloud, Console, PC) – February 14
A “relaxation” puzzle in which you have to organize objects in a room with a mischievous cat.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (Cloud, Console, PC) – February 14
Metroidvania from the Japanese indie developer, developed under the guidance of the former producer of the Castlevania series.

PlateUp! (Cloud, Console, PC) – February 15
A culinary arcade with roguelite elements.

Return to Grace (Cloud, Console, PC) – February 20
A first-person adventure story set in a retro-futuristic world.

Please also note that starting February 15, Galactic Galactic Civilizations III and Opus: Echo of Starsong.