Roblox launches real-time chat translation powered by artificial intelligence

The Roblox platform adds real-time chat translation powered by artificial intelligence, writes Engadget.

This option will allow to unite gamers around the world. Roblox CTO Daniel Sturman explained that to realize the idea, the developers had to create their own “unified, transformer-based translation LLM (large language model)”.

This makes it possible to work seamlessly with all 16 languages supported in Roblox, as well as recognize Roblox-specific slang and abbreviations.

Now the conversation in the chat window will be displayed in the user’s language with a short delay of about 100 milliseconds, which is almost real-time. At the same time, messages in the original language can also be viewed if necessary.

Later, the development team will implement a feedback tool that will help improve the quality of the translation and will be constantly updated to reflect new catchphrases on the platform.

Roblox’s translation efforts are not limited to this. We are already working on automatic translation of text on images, textures, 3D models, etc.