The Finnish company HMD Global may abandon the Nokia brand for its future devices in favor of the lesser-known HMD (Human Mobile Devices) brand, writes TechRadar.

On its website, HMD has released a new video about the company, but there is no mention of Nokia, even when it comes to “nostalgic dumbphones.”

The company’s website has also been redesigned and contains less Nokia. The only exception is the message at the top of the page, which reads: “We’re makers of Nokia phones. You’re in the right place.”

This inscription can be seen as evidence that HMD is aware of the possible lack of consumer awareness of the brand and its ownership of Nokia. At least when it comes to cell phones.

At the same time, HMD emphasizes that it will continue to produce phones that use the Nokia name.

“You’ve probably noticed a few changes around here. We’re still makers of Nokia smartphones and Nokia “dumbphones,” but we’re getting warmed up to bring you even more, including original HMD devices, and phones from all-new partnerships,” the company noted.

The announcement did not include any new devices or partnerships, and all devices listed on HMD’s website remain under the Nokia brand.

HMD also confirmed that Nokia devices will continue to receive support during warranty periods, as well as security and software updates.

Nokia was once a giant in the phone industry, and in 1999 its revenue reached $31 billion thanks to the popularity of phones such as the Nokia 3310 and Nokia 8210.

However, by the 2010s, Nokia had lost significant market share to Apple and Samsung, as well as the growing smartphone market. In 2013, the company was bought by Microsoft, and in 2016 it was sold to Finnish HMD.

The brand evokes nostalgia for many people because of Nokia’s popularity in the late 90s and early 2000s. For a significant number of people, Nokia devices were their first introduction to mobile phones.

Therefore, for HMD, abandoning the Nokia name in the modern mobile market could harm brand recognition in the future.