Moondrop, a company known primarily for its headphones, has released the DiscDream CD player, which was created by a Sony veteran who worked on the Discman, writes TechRadar.

The player has a 32-bit MasterHiFi Cirrus Logic decoder and three oscillators for precise synchronization. A 3,500 mAh battery powers 6 power supply chips. The headphone output also has its own amplifier with an output dynamic range of 115 dB and a low distortion of only 0.00037%.

In addition to the ability to play audio from CDs, DiscDream also has an SD card slot. The player supports many formats from a memory card, including APE, FLAC, LL-AAC, MP3, OGG, and WMA.

In addition, the player can be connected to a PC, from where it can stream up to 384 kHz PCM and up to 11.2896 MHz DSD via a USB connection.

The price of this player is $199, but the company cannot keep up with user demand, so pre-orders for DiscDream have been temporarily closed.