A recent survey in Steam showed that Windows 11 is gaining popularity among gamers. At the same time, the share of Linux and MacOS among users continues to fall.

Despite the fact that Windows 10 remains the most popular operating system, its share among gamers is starting to decline. Windows 10 is used by 51.43% of Steam users, which is 2.02% less than in December, while 11 has grown to 44.24%.

Another interesting statistic is the language of the client, where the share of users with Ukrainian language increased by 0.03% to 0.71%.

Among other data, the survey shows that fewer players are using systems with 8 GB or less of RAM. 49.6% of users have devices with 16 GB of RAM, 23% with 32 GB, and 13.67% with 8 GB.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 continues to be the most popular graphics card with 4.83% of all users. GTX 1650 is in second place with 4.53%. The RTX 3060 for laptops is in 3rd place, with 3.73% of users using this card.