The European Parliament will introduce amendments to the law on the right to repair, which will require companies to extend the warranty on smartphones and other equipment after repair for another 12 months, writes Android Authority.

These amendments state that EU member states may extend this additional warranty period. Currently, the EU offers a 2-year warranty, but with the new amendments and under certain conditions, this period can be extended to 3 years.

The EU will also force equipment manufacturers to add information about repair parts on their websites and make them available at a “reasonable” price. Manufacturers will also be prohibited from using second-hand or 3D-printed spare parts for repairs.

Another change is that the EU will force manufacturers to offer repairs within a reasonable time and price. In addition, the EU leaves it up to users to ask for a full replacement of the product if they have problems during the warranty period.

As a result of these changes, it will become much easier to repair smartphones and other equipment in the EU. The government also plans to introduce online platforms for tracking repair services to make the whole process even more convenient.