The authors of the Cossack action/adventure 1505: Knight Becomes Kozak, which is currently only two people, plan to release the game in Early Access in the fall of 2024. This is reported by, referring to the post of the authors on LinkedIn.

The events of 1505: Knight Becomes Kozak is set against the backdrop of the early Ukrainian Renaissance, before the founding of the Zaporizhzhya Sich, when the territory of Ukraine was part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The game’s protagonist is a former knight of the Kyiv Voivodeship who ended his service in disgrace after failing in the Lithuanian-Moscow War of 1500-1503. The hero travels to the southern borders of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, where the border with the Ottoman Empire lies.

1505: Knight Becomes Kozak is being developed by just two people, Level Artist at Ubisoft Mikhail Burlakov and Concept Environment Artist Nikita Biryukovich. Development of the game started only 9 months ago.

Initially, it was planned that 1505: Knight Becomes Kozak was originally planned to be a straightforward stealth/action game like the A Plague Tale series. Now it is an exploration of the endless steppe, this mode will become the backstory of the game’s campaign. The Cossack knight is armed with a saber, musket, and short bow. The authors plan to add historical information about the life of the peoples of the steppe, some interesting details, etc.

It looks like 1505: Knight Becomes Kozak is the same Assassin’s Creed: Zaporozhian Sich that we will most likely never get. The game doesn’t have a Steam page yet, so we’ll just remember this name.