State of Play showed a trailer for Metro Awakening, a new game in a post-apocalyptic universe that will be exclusive to VR. It is worth noting that Vertigo Games, not 4A Games, was involved in the development.

The game will tell a new original story set before Metro 2033, in 2028. Players will take on the role of Serdar, a doctor looking for his wife and a cure for her.

The further Serdar goes into the subway, the more his courage and judgment will be tested by supernatural forces.

As with other games in the series, Metro Awakening will be a first-person shooter with survival and stealth elements.

The developers promise intense, dramatic VR gameplay as condensation fogs up the mask, ammunition and filters run out, and torchlight flickers on and off in the pitch black.

Vertigo Games is planning to release Metro Awakening later this year for PlayStation VR2, Meta Quest and Steam VR, but the exact date is still unknown.