Figure AI, a startup developing humanoid robots, agrees on funding with Microsoft and OpenAI

Figure AI Inc., a startup developing humanoid robots, is negotiating to raise $500 million in a funding round led by Microsoft and OpenAI. This is reported by Bloomberg, citing knowledgeable sources.

According to the agency’s source, the startup is looking for additional investors for the deal. According to one of the scenarios under discussion, Microsoft will invest about $95 million, and OpenAI will invest $5 million.

A potential deal could give Figure a valuation of $1.9 billion, which does not include the financing raised. Once the money is received, the startup’s valuation could be much higher.

Figure is working on an artificial intelligence robot that looks and moves like a human. The company hopes that its machine, called Figure 01, will be able to perform dangerous jobs that humans cannot, and that its technology will help reduce labor shortages.

In December, Tesla unveiled a new generation of its humanoid robot Optimus. At the time, the Optimus Gen 2’s movements, especially its upper body, attracted a lot of attention in the video. Recently it became known that a robot has learned to fold a T-shirt on a table.