In the summer and fall, the series Suits gained incredible popularity on streaming platforms and this led to the show becoming the most popular in 2023 on streaming platforms, writes The Hollywood Reporter

According to Nielsen’s chart, the lawyer series garnered 4.6 billion minutes of viewing in the first half of the year while it was available exclusively on Peacock. After Suits appeared on Netflix in the summer, these figures rose to 57.7 billion minutes for the year.

Among original series, the most popular for the year was Ted Lasso, which was surprising given that the show is only available on Apple TV+, which does not have as large an audience as Netflix, but still garnered 16.9 billion minutes of viewing.

This is the first time that an original show that is not available on Netflix has become the most watched show of the year. At the same time, the second place for the year was taken by Netflix’s The Night Agent, which lost 2 billion minutes.

The most popular movie in streaming was Moana on Disney+. In 2023, the movie watched 11.6 billion minutes. In general, the top three are entirely occupied by cartoons. Encanto and The Super Mario Bros. Movie and The Super Mario Bros. in third place.