Peugeot plans to use ChatGPT to improve the voice assistant in its cars and vans. This was reported by Reuters with reference to the French brand.

“We will introduce ChatGPT in all cars, including the new e-3008 model, and small commercial vehicles,” Peugeot Product Director Jerome Micheron announced.

On Wednesday, Peugeot will launch a pilot version of ChatGPT in five countries: France, the UK, Germany, Italy, and Spain. This version will be able to answer many general and navigation-related questions.

Recently, it became known that Volkswagen is planning to integrate ChatGPT support into its cars. The chatbot is planned to be added to cars in the second quarter of 2024.

ChatGPT will first appear in the company’s cars in Europe. The chatbot will be integrated into electric vehicles, as well as all-new Tiguan and Passat, and the new Golf.

Last year, Mercedes-Benz started testing ChatGPT in cars to answer “complex questions” on the road.