While many companies and organizations insist on returning employees to the office, Microsoft suggests trying a new type of “hybrid” work, writes Engadget.

We are talking about the Mesh virtual communication platform that worked through Microsoft Teams. The idea was to allow employee avatars to meet in one place, even if they were not in the same location.

Microsoft has already tested Mesh at consulting firm Accenture and pharmaceutical company Takeda.

“The world of work continues to evolve at a rapid pace, but the importance of human connection has never gone away. Lunchtime conversations, hallway catch-ups, coffee chats — they often hold the key to both workplace success and employee happiness,” Takeda explained.

Mesh offers out-of-the-box spaces that companies can customize to suit any taste. The Mesh toolkit works through Unity, Microsoft’s 2D and 3D development platform, to further customize the virtual world.

Mesh is currently only available on desktop and Meta Quest VR devices. Microsoft is offering a six-month free trial for anyone with a business or enterprise plan. Otherwise, prices can be as high as $57 per user per month.