Apple has announced significant changes to its App Store policy and will allow cloud gaming services to have applications on iOS, reports The Verge. This means that, for example, Xbox Cloud and GeForce Now, which were previously only available on iOS through a browser, will now be able to have an app that can stream their entire catalog of games to the iPhone.

In 2020, it seemed that Apple had created a space for cloud gaming services in the App Store, but the requirement that each game must be presented and reviewed as a separate app limited this integration. The new policy change allows a single app to include a large catalog of games, which is a significant change in Apple’s approach.

As part of this announcement, Apple said that all games available in the App Store must comply with all App Store Review Guidelines, and the host app must maintain an age rating that corresponds to the highest age level of the included content. In addition, developers will now be able to offer advanced search capabilities for streaming games, mini-apps, mini-games, chatbots, and plugins in their apps. These small apps will also be able to use Apple’s In-App Purchase system for the first time.