In the iOS 17.3 update, Apple may strengthen iPhone security by adding a new security feature called Stolen Device Protection, writes The Verge.

The new feature will help protect your smartphone from thieves. Currently, the lock screen password is enough to access financial or personal information on your smartphone. In the next update, you will need a TouchID or FaceID. In addition, potential thieves will have to wait an hour before they can make any changes.

So far, Apple has not said exactly when this feature will become available, but its testing began in the beta version of iOS 17.3 in December. Earlier, a security issue was reported when thieves, having memorized the password to a stolen iPhone, could block the owners’ access to the AppleID.

After enabling Stolen Device Protection, users will need to use FaceID or TouchID to confirm financial transactions, reset settings, change passwords, etc.

In addition, if users add a new FaceID or TouchID or turn off Find My, they will have to wait an hour before the changes take effect. However, if these actions are performed in locations where owners frequent, such as home or work, there will be no delay.