In Japan, a novel written using artificial intelligence won a prestigious literary award, reports New York Post.

This is the Akutagawa Prize, which was founded in 1935 and is awarded twice a year. This time, the award went to 33-year-old writer Rie Kudan for her novel Tokyo Compassionate Tower.

The author’s story revolves around a prison tower in the Tokyo of the future. The theme of artificial intelligence is a cross-cutting theme in the novel.

During the award ceremony, Rie Kudan said that about 5% of her novel was written using ChatGPT.

«I made active use of generative AI like ChatGPT in writing this book,” she said after she was given the award. “I would say about five percent of the book quoted verbatim the sentences generated by AI.»

Members of the judging committee who awarded Kudan the prize said the work was “flawless” and “difficult to find any faults” in.

Last year, a novel written with the help of AI won a literary prize in China with the help of AI. It is a work called The Land of Machine Memories. It won second place at the fifth Jiangsu Province Popular Science and Science Fiction Contest.