Peking University professor Shen Yang won a prestigious award at a literary competition in China. But it turned out that his science fiction novel was written using artificial intelligence, writes Medium.

It is a work called The Land of Machine Memories. It won second place at the fifth Jiangsu Province Popular Science and Science Fiction Contest.

However, the real author of the novel was not immediately revealed. Only after the results were announced did it become known that AI had significantly helped the Chinese professor in his work.

The novel tells the story of an adventurer in metaspace who tries to recover his lost memories. This story was created with the help of 66 AI prompts.

Despite winning the competition, some judges expressed concern about the emotional depth of literature created by artificial intelligence and its impact on works written by humans.

The judges also agreed that the novel requires significant changes for publication, as the text created by artificial intelligence differs from human creativity.

By the way, last year, an AI-generated painting by Théâtre D’opéra Spatial won first place at the Colorado State Fair. The image of a futuristic royal scene won the main prize in the Digital Art/Digitally Processed Photography category.

Jason Allen, who submitted the painting to the competition, tried to obtain copyright for it. However, the supervisory board of the U.S. Copyright Office refused to grant him this request.