At CES 2024, TCL CSOT (TCL’s display division) is showcasing its new developments, including a new generation LCD panel it calls “WHVA”. Thus, despite the fact that other TV display manufacturers are no longer investing in the development of traditional IPS or VA panels, preferring OLED, TCL does not give up trying to improve the “old” technologies.

First, the company developed the HVA panel, its own variant of the VA panel with increased contrast. And now it has introduced WHVA, a further improvement of the technology that gives the panel maximum viewing angles. Other companies have also tried to increase the viewing angles of VA TVs, but they had their drawbacks – for example, Sony developed an additional filter (X-Wide Angle), but it increased the black level. Another option for LCD TVs is to use IPS, but this technology has too low a contrast.

According to FlatpanelsHD, TCL CSOT is demonstrating WHVA technology in action at the exhibition using an 85-inch 4K panel. Technical details have not yet been disclosed, but judging by the video, the company has managed to create an LCD panel that demonstrates the same black level and minimal reduction in color saturation, even when looking at the screen from almost the side.

TCL’s panel is expected to appear in WHVA TVs as early as next year.