John Deere will use Starlink satellites to connect its smart equipment to the satellite Internet. The parties signed an agreement, writes The Wall Street Journal.

The world’s largest agricultural machinery manufacturer will be able to connect tractors, sprayers, and other equipment to the Internet in areas where there is no proper connection.

“This takes us a step closer to ubiquitous connectivity anywhere in the world,” said Jahmy Hindman, Deere’s chief technology officer. “The biggest opportunity for us is to expose existing technologies to more customers.”

He also explained that the company chose Starlink in part because of the speed at which its low-orbit satellites transmit signals.

The service, which will help automate planting and harvesting in remote locations, is set to debut this year in Brazil and the United States. Later, it will expand to other countries.

Deere is investing billions of dollars in developing computer services for farmers, including software that allows herbicide sprayers to distinguish crops from weeds and driverless tractors to plow fields.

This agreement demonstrates Starlink’s growing influence in providing high-speed internet. For this purpose, it has about 5300 satellites in orbit.