Take Two doesn’t like the new Remedy Entertainment logo, which the studio changed in April 2023. It is too similar to the canonical R in the logo of Rockstar Games, which is part of Take Two. The companies started a legal dispute over this issue, writes Respawn First.

Remedy Entertainment changed the logo because “the bullet in the letter R in the old logo represented the era of Max Payne, but the Remedy of now is much bigger than a single game; we have a whole portfolio of games, new and old.”

Interestingly, the letter R was also in the old logo, but due to the use of a ball inside and the cropping of the letter, it was almost illegible. In the new logo, the ball in the center is still there, but it’s stylized.

Remedy Entertainment’s new logo is too similar to Rockstar Games’ logo. Take Two goes to court

This is not the first time that Remedy Entertainment has been involved in a logo dispute. The first logo of the studio, created in 1996, was too similar to the LucasArts logo, so, after threats of a lawsuit, Remedy created the same logo with a ball in 1999.

Remedy Entertainment, Take Two, and Rockstar Games are actively cooperating, for example, with the permission of Take Two, which owns the trademark, Remedy Entertainment is currently developing remakes of Max Payne and Max Payne, which will be published by Rockstar Games. So, most likely, the companies will resolve the issue of logos quite quickly. And it looks like Remedy Entertainment will have to give in again.