Google Maps has finally added the ability to navigate tunnels using Bluetooth beacons. For now, it is available only for Android users, reports Engadget.

Bluetooth beacons provide navigation and traffic information underground where there is no GPS signal. They are installed in some cities, including New York, Paris, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, and others.

The technology was previously introduced by the Google-owned mapping service Waze. Waze first started using it in 2016.

To activate the function, you need to go to Google Maps Settings. Next, go to “Navigation settings” and then to “Vehicle mode options”. At the bottom of this section, you will see “Bluetooth beacons for tunnels”.

By the way, last year Google Maps changed its visual design, but not everyone liked the update. However, it was criticized by Elizabeth Laraki, who once participated in the development of Google Maps UX design. She thinks the updated colors and the number of unnecessary elements superimposed on the map are unsuccessful.