Swarovski has introduced smart binoculars AX Visio that can identify the bird you are looking at. The development was shown at the CES 2024 exhibition in Las Vegas, writes Engadget.

All you have to do is point the device at the bird and make sure it is in focus. Then you just need to press a special button, and in a few seconds the system will identify the name of the bird. To do this, she will use the database of the Merlin Bird ID application, which currently contains more than 9,000 species of birds.

However, the binoculars’ capabilities are not limited to this. There is a control wheel between the eyepieces that allows you to switch functions. They allow you to identify wildlife and butterflies. In addition, the binoculars have a 13-megapixel camera and can transfer photos and videos to a mobile app.

AX Visio has 8 GB of storage, enough for an hour of video or 1,700 photos. In addition to smart features, the binoculars also provide 10x magnification. The cost of the new product is 4600 euros (about $5000). AX Visio should be available in February.