Ukrainian studio Mauris has released two gameplay videos from the land-based part of the pirate RPG Corsairs Legacy.

In two videos, one posted on the game’s Ukrainian-language YouTube channel and the other on the English-language channel, you can see two different locations in the Caribbean that will be created in the game.

The developers say that all the islands are handmade and will be available to players with almost all locations without additional downloads. For example, the total size of Barbados is 1.5 km by 1 km, and by the time the game is released in Early Access, players will have access to about 60% of the island. Birds, 6 species of land animals and 3 species of marine animals that react to the appearance of the protagonist have already been added to all islands.

In addition, the Mauris team informs that they have optimized the game and achieved a result of 60 FPS at FullHD resolution on GeForce GTX 1060 6GB graphics cards without using DLSS and FSR, which are also optionally available in the settings. After the release in Early Access, the developers plan to further improve the graphics.

Corsairs Legacy has already received approval for publication from Steam, but is awaiting confirmation of compatibility with Steam Deck. The release of Corsairs Legacy in Steam Early Access is scheduled for the end of January 2024.