Microsoft continues to add artificial intelligence wherever possible, and this time the company has targeted the Notepad program. According to PhatomOcean3 in X, the standard notepad on Windows will soon get AI support as well.

The Cowriter feature will help users edit text, allowing them to shorten, expand, change the tone, and even completely rewrite the text while preserving its original meaning.

Even Notepad will get AI support

Users have found the Explain with Copilot feature, which is likely to allow them to find additional information about a particular part of the text directly from the program.

The files also contain a reference to so-called credits, which indicate how many times the user will be able to use Copilot for free in the program. Microsoft uses a similar system in the Cocreator function in the Paint program.

With the release of Windows 11, Notepad received many useful updates, including auto-save, tabs, a dark theme, a character counter, and more, which improved the user experience. However, the introduction of artificial intelligence is much less popular with users.

Microsoft itself has not yet made any official announcements regarding the new functionality of the program.