During the CES 2024 presentation, Samsung talked about further cooperation with Microsoft, where Galaxy devices will receive integration with Copilot, and smartphones can be used as a webcam for Teams calls.

The recently launched Galaxy Book4 will use Copilot to connect to smartphones. This will allow users to read and summarize messages and even help them write new ones based on chat history right from their PC.

At the same time, the company said that Galaxy smartphones can be connected to a PC and used as a webcam. Users will be able to freely switch between the main and front cameras and move away from the PC without losing connection.

By connecting a smartphone, users will also be able to use features such as background blur and auto focus. However, the company does not specify whether this will work only with Book4 or with other PCs.

Other Galaxy devices can also be combined with the Book 4. For example, the tablet can be used as an additional monitor. In the future, the company plans to further expand such opportunities.