NASA is preparing to unveil the X-59 supersonic aircraft. Its debut will take place in the desert in California on January 12, 2024. This is stated in the report of the agency.

This is an important event in the history of aviation, so NASA will broadcast the event live. It will be available on the agency’s website and on NASA’s YouTube channel. It is scheduled to start at 23:00 Kyiv time.

As a reminder, NASA is implementing the X-59 QueSST project with Lockheed Martin. Together, they are developing an aircraft that can fly from London to New York in an hour and a half. This is four times faster than other aircraft.

The project should convince American regulators that supersonic but relatively quiet aircraft can be built. The fact is that commercial supersonic flights over the Earth’s surface are currently banned in the United States. This decision was made because of the loud sound waves produced by supersonic aircraft when they overcome the sound barrier.

Last fall, the aircraft was moved to a paint shop at Lockheed Martin’s facility in California, USA, to paint the body of the aircraft white and add blue and red accents.