Have you heard of HWA? This is a company that tunes Mercedes-Benz cars and provides technical support for them in auto racing. And recently, it became known that HWA intends to create its own car, which is simply called EVO.

Although it is very difficult! After all, we are talking about the restomod of the Mercedes-Benz W201 190E 2.5-16 Evolution II – a real “thunderstorm” in the racing world of the early 1990s. There is no question of total imitation, but the general features of the HWA EVO body are unmistakable: a classic sedan, straight lines, developed wheel arches, and a large wing. However, at least the new headlights and lights are immediately noticeable.

Currently, only the design of the HWA EVO is known, but nothing is known about its interior or construction. On the HWA website, you can see the designations M276, M139, M159 – these are Mercedes-Benz engine codes, but they are completely different: they differ in the number of cylinders and displacement. You can also see a schematic drawing with a power “cage” in the cabin.

And you can also see the inscription “2025”: this is an indication of the year when the HWA EVO car should be fully finished, with a total of 100 copies to be produced. The price of the HWA EVO is already known – from 714 thousand euros.