Bluesky social network has a new logo and the ability to view posts for users without accounts. This was described in a blog post.

“Why did we choose a butterfly? Well, of course, it flies. But more importantly, it is a symbol of change and transformation. Early on, we noticed that people were organically using the butterfly emoji 🦋 to indicate their Bluesky handles. We loved it, and adopted it as it spread. The butterfly speaks to our mission of transforming social media into something new,” wrote CEO Jay Graber.

The company has also made viewing social media posts available to people who do not have an account.

“We built Bluesky to be a home for public conversation — breaking news, commentary and analysis, jokes and more. And we’re taking one step closer to this goal by releasing a public web view, which means that you don’t have to be logged in to view posts on Bluesky,” Jay wrote.

Despite the talk about a home for public discussions, the social network still requires an invitation to create an account, and the developers have not yet commented on when this restriction will disappear.